Intel Projects a Whole New World for Childs Play

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Kinect for Xbox 360 has certainly brought a new dimension to gameplay, courtesy of its 3D camera and audio sensors, but a new research project from Intel aims to do the same for younger children.

Researchers at the company, alongside staff at the University of Washington are using 3D cameras and recognition and projection technology to build virtual worlds around physical objects made from Lego. 

This video shows the research in action – if you’re six years old (or thirty-six like me) prepare to be blown away. Place a Lego dragon on the table, it breathes fire. Place said fire-breathing dragon next to Lego house? Guess what happens next. But don’t worry – build yourself a quick fire engine and disaster can be averted.

But that’s nothing compared to what they can do with a Lego train. I won’t spoil the fun, but what I wouldn’t give to be six again! Back in the late 70s, we had to make do with spacehoppers and not-very-good Star Wars figures. Fingers crossed when my own son reaches that age, this tech will be ready to go!   

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