Intel's Metro Notebook to Feature E-Ink Technology

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Intel's ultra-thin & light notebook, the Metro Notebook, will feature e-ink technology in its SideShow embedded screen. SideShow is a technology in Windows Vista that supports a secondary screen on your mobile PC. This additional display lets you view important information whether your laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode. Due to the low power consumption of e-ink technology, the display housed in the Metro notebook's leather cover will give you access to your email, your calendar, your playlists, and more for weeks on end without having to power on the notebook. In addition, the e-ink display will be completely removable, connected in a dock that will also house USB connections. The notebook is .7 inches thick, weighs 2.25 pounds, and will have built-in Bluetooth, wi-fi, and WiMax connectivity. There is no official release date for this revolutionary device.

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