Intel’s Wireless Display, Designed to Save Your Career

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It’s the day of the presentation.

Months of work culminate in a thirty minute review with the board. You’ve been working for weeks on the deck, and even if you say so yourself, it’s looking sharp (especially those 3am changes you made overnight).

You enter the boardroom, they’re all there, waiting. Smiling politely. Laptop in hand, you scan the room searching for the projector cable. It’s there hiding under some papers. It’s a VGA cable. You smile nervously around the room.

“I don’t suppose anyone has a DVI adaptor, do they?” Puzzled looks. You’re losing them, and you haven’t even started. Remarkably, an adaptor arrives. You connect, power on, Fn+Fwhatwasit? F3, F4, F5? Nothing, nada, zip. The picture appears briefly, then blackness.

“Try pressing Source on the remote”, says the CEO. The CEO.

Your desktop appears at last, stretched horribly across the screen. In black and white.

They’re talking amongst themselves now – you’ve got a mountain to climb.

“OK, let’s go with the handouts….”

It’s a common problem, and even today in thousands of offices around the world, in a multitude of languages, you’ll hear people struggling to connect their laptops to projectors and external screens. Don’t get me wrong, life has got a lot easier with Windows 7, but if your workplace is still to migrate and with a multitude of display drivers, connectors and differing hardware out there, it’s still a potentially career-limiting pain point. Why would the board hand that $5 million development budget to the guy who can’t even work the projector?

Intel’s Wireless Display (or WiDi to its friends) is the latest attempt to make life easier. Shipped as a fully integrated feature on new laptops from most of the major manufacturers, it allows an easy, wireless connection to a compatible adaptor connected to the TV (like Netgear’s Push2TV). One click of the mouse, and both audio and video from your laptop will automatically be transferred to the big screen.

No more concerns about having the right connector with you for any occasion. No need to bring portable speakers with you to every meeting. Power on, hit the button, and you’re set to stun. You’ll be forever remembered as the guy who did that kick-ass demo, rather than the guy with the projector problem.

You can check out WiDi enabled laptops today at Best Buy in the US, Comet in the UK as well as a variety of other retailers.



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