Internal Tool RDCMan Launches Publicly, I.T. Admins Rejoice

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Thanks to a tweet from Microsoft MVP Alvin Ashcraft, I’ve discovered a new tool that almost makes me want to return to I.T. (OK, not really, but it’s still cool): RDCMan.

This updated Remote Desktop management program is an improvement upon the Remote Desktops MMC Snap-in which I used exclusively for multi-server management back in the day.

Like the original snap-in, RDCMan lets you maintain a list of remote computers, in an Explorer-like window. In RDCMan, however, the servers can be grouped and organized to your liking and – get this – it lets you see live thumbnail previews of each one.

This particular program was an internal Microsoft-owned tool originally written by Julian Burger, a principal developer on the Windows Live Experiences team. Now, thanks to both Julian and David Zazzo, the necessary legal, trademark, compliance, etc. hoops have been jumped through in order to offer this tool as a public download. And it’s available here.

Anyone in charge of remote server management should definitely grab this one right away, it’s a real timesaver.

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