Interview with one of Windows 7's Artists

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Gizmodo recently posted a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the new Windows 7’s login screen and default desktop came into existence. Apparently, the company sought out the help of Chuck Anderson, a young, 24-year old designer who worked his way up through the years from starting at a screen printing shop in high school to now having a professional portfolio of design work that includes projects for big brands like Pepsi, Urban Outfitters, Reebok and more.

Chuck is the man responsible for the blue login screen with its subtle wisps of white lines and leaves as well as the default desktop featuring the Windows logo on the same sort of background.

What’s really cool is that Gizmodo has posted two image galleries that show the evolution of each of these screens throughout the design process so you can see how the designs changed over time. You can see the login gallery here and the desktop gallery here.

So how did Microsoft convince a hot, independent designer like Chuck to work on the new OS? Giz says that the design team showed him the Windows 7 wallpapers they were working on. (As you know, some of the new wallpapers are crazy, far-out creations…and I mean that in a good way). That made it clear that it was anything goes for the new OS’s designs. And the rest is history.

For more details, check out the complete article on Gizmodo here.


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