Introducing Oxite: A New Content Management Platform

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WordPress just got some new competition from the recently revealed MIX Labs project called Oxite. The software is an open source, standards compliant, and extensible content management platform designed to run anything from a small personal blog to a big business web site. Did we say open source? Yes, we did. The Microsoft Web Platform can support web standards, too. If you’re wondering how well it works, look no further than MIXOnline, a site currently powered by the Oxite blogging engine.

The Oxite platform supports all the blogging features you would expect including pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous or authenticated commenting, optional comment moderation, gravatar support, RSS feeds at any page level, and support for the MetaWebLog API. That last bit means that there’s no trouble integrating Oxite with Windows Live Writer, a must-have for any serious blogger.





Oxite is also more than just a simple blogging tool – it’s a true content management system. You don’t have to create blog posts with this platform, you can instead use it to create pages and even child pages. It also easily supports multiple blogs on one site as well as the ability to keep separate sites’ data in one database.

Oxite is currently available as an alpha release and is licensed under the OSI-approved Microsoft Public License. To see how Oxite works, check out the Channel 9 video. To play with the source code and help contribute to the project, click here.

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