Invite Your Xbox 360 Avatar to Join You On Your Desktop

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Delve into the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery and you’ll find a fantastic array of sidebar gadgets that will brighten up your desktop and make it a whole lot more useful.

Falling into the former category, if not the latter, is the Xbox 360 Avatar Sidebar Gadget. Spotted by Windows Observer this week, Aaron Misner’s gadget invites your Xbox 360 Avatar (as well as your friends’) to set up camp on your Windows 7 Desktop.

Once installed, enter your Xbox 360 Gamertag and up pops your Avatar – click on his or her head and there’s your Gamercard. Want to move the avatar around? Just drag them by the feet, they won’t mind. And if you want a second avatar on your desktop, simply drag another copy of the Xbox 360 Avatar gadget onto your desktop and set it to a different gamertag, so they don’t get lonely.

File this one under “because it can” if anyone asks why your avatar is peeking at you on your desktop. Great work, Aaron!



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