Iris: A New Browser for Windows Mobile Emerges from Beta

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The Iris Browser is a new, Webkit-based web browser for Windows Mobile devices running versions 5 or 6(+). The company recently released an updated version (Iris Browser 1.1.0) which is a very different piece of software than the one that was being used by beta testers. In the latest update, the company says they’ve merged a year’s worth of WebKit development into the browser while also re-auditing all their work, addressing performance issues, and making the browser capable of viewing almost any website on the net.

Most notably to end users, the refreshed browser now provides Flash support by way of a plugin that converts the Flash Lite ActiveX control into an Iris Browser plugin. The end result is that when you browse to Flash-enabled pages, you will see a black image with a play button which you can click to optionally see the Flash content.

The new Iris browser is highly compliant, too, scoring a 100/100 on Acid3 with only a couple of minor rendering glitches.  Those glitches are related to fonts, where they deliberately cut some corners for better performance. Iris is also highly compatible with iPhone websites, the company reports.

Want to see Iris in action? You can check it out in this video here:


To download Iris, follow this link:

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