I’m A PC: The Originals?

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The new Microsoft “I’m a PC” advertising campaign, which has all sorts of  people proclaiming their PC preference, has started a small trend on the side which I’ll dub the “the original I’m a PC” ads. Thanks to the encouragement provided by these new ads, several folks have been coming out with their own personal messages of support for the PC movement. What’s funny, though, about these messages is the fact that they were created ages ago – long before the “I’m a PC” ad campaign began.  

Take, for example, Long Zheng, who writes for the popular istartedsomething blog. He had originally posted back in early 2007 a homemade comic he called “I’m a PC.” He recently reposted the strip which features the Southpark kids and townsfolk claiming to be “the PCs.” Funny! And then there’s Anand Iyer, who blogged about the “I’m a PC” t-shirt he created several months ago because he liked the PC guy in the Apple commercials. Ha!

Now, like these guys, you can participate in the "I'm a PC" campaign, too. Microsoft is inviting others to go to lifewithoutwalls.com and upload a picture or short video using your webcam. This image or video will then be added to the wall of Windows users on the site and you’ll be emailed the exact location of the photo. And since Microsoft is now running the ads on a big screen in Times Square, your image could show up at any point in time in NYC. (See the live cam view of the Times Square ad here – thanks Amit!). 

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