Is it .NET, .Net, or .net?

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Dan Fernandez has an interesting post up on his blog – it’s about how Microsoft product names are supposed to be spelled. (OK, maybe it’s only interesting to grammar-obsessed folks…but it’s still kind of fun.) Anyway, he says he’s seen everyone from Microsoft employees to press get the spellings of Microsoft product names wrong from time to time, so he thought he would start a list of proper spellings to help everyone out.

Do you know how to properly spell some of this stuff? You may be surprised...

Quiz yourself:

  1. Is it Clear Type or ClearType?
  2. Kin or KIN?
  3. Powerpoint, PowerPoint or Power Point?
  4. Seadragon or SeaDragon?
  5. Xbox Live or Xbox LIVE?
  6. Bizspark or BizSpark?
  7. PlayTo or Play To?
  8. Sharepoint or SharePoint?
  9. Visual Basic or Visual Basic .net?
  10. Infopath or InfoPath?


  1. ClearType
  2. KIN
  3. PowerPoint
  4. SeaDragon
  5. Xbox LIVE
  6. BizSpark
  7. Play To
  8. SharePoint
  9. Visual Basic
  10. InfoPath

You can see the rest of the spellings here.

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