Kinect Pricing Revealed!

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Pricing for the next-generation Xbox 360 “Kinect” bundle has been revealed, and it’s a very reasonable $150 for the Kinect peripheral or $300 for an entire system, including the console.

The $300 deal (available later this year, pre-holidays) gets you the Kinect add-on, a game pack, and the new 4 GB Xbox 360 console often referred to by bloggers as the Xbox Slim due to its smaller, thinner form factor. The new 360 4 GB includes Wi-Fi N, 4 GB of flash memory and the attractive black matte finish. Sold separately, this box will be $199.99 U.S.(starting Aug. 3rd).

The bundle will also include “Kinect Adventures,” a sort of starter pack of Kinect-enabled games. There are 20 “adventures” set in different locations – like a whitewater-rapids filled river, an obstacle course, an underwater lab and, yes – that “hit the balls that fly at your face” game that everyone has seen in the demos.

If you already have an Xbox, you can just buy the Kinect peripheral itself - it works with every Xbox 360 ever made – how’s that for backward compatibility? And at only $150, this is practically a no-brainer.

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