Kinect for Xbox 360 + Sky Player Brings Minority Report-Style TV That Little Bit Closer

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As a keen gamer, I have to say I’m really looking forward to picking up Kinect for Xbox 360. No doubt you’ll have already heard about how you’ll be able to control the Xbox Dashboard and play games entirely through motion, using your body as the controller, and there’s already a library of games building up ahead of November’s launch that you can check out. 

But if they sound like a little too much hard work, or if you’re not a gamer, then even couch potatoes are in for a treat. Here in the UK, Microsoft and Sky have announced that Sky Player will be fully compatible with Kinect. 32 Live TV channels and over 100 on demand movies will be available with a wave of the hand.

Kinect can also be controlled by voice, allowing you to pause, fast forward, rewind and play TV with voice commands. Now, say after me, “Kinect, Play Sky Sports.” Better still, “Kinect, Make Liverpool Beat Arsenal”. Now that’s the kind of control I want to see in Kinect 2.0.



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