Last Minute Deadline? Save Time & Take Your PC Into the Shower

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They say that computers are now pervasive throughout our lives, but one room they have still to conquer is the bathroom (I hope). All that water mixed with a little electricity? Sounds like bad news to me.

But you know, think of a problem, any problem and you can be sure that an engineer somewhere is trying to crack it. Waterproof power strips? No problem!

Cool Hunting brings us news of Taiwanese company Shohero, home of the Wet Circuits power strip which is fully water resistant. The $70, 4-socket strip protects against the occasional spillage, rain and snow as well as wet hands. Temporary flooding is also no problem – just don’t submerge it for more than two hours. That’s plenty of time to get that PowerPoint finished, right?

Wet Circuits also offers ChildSafe protection, and guards against overheating and sparks. Check out their website for a video of some crazy powerstrip experiments including a lightbulb, a jug of water, and a pair of tweezers. The words “Don’t try this at home” spring to mind so quickly.

Now, if someone can sort out that waterproof netbook, we’ll all be a lot more productive. Thank you. 





The Discussion

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    She says "Electricity Resistance Materials" when the caption state "Water Resistant" in one the videos, which instils confidence.

    Also what happens if the bulb shatters, is it still powered? As it meets the requirements of the socket to have power.  

    Misuse Protection - Don't underestimate the ingenuity of the Curious Idiot.

    I think it is a clever concept but it leads to a false sense of security that all power strips are as safe as this one claims to be. It would better to enact safe working practices.

    Water + Electricity = Potential Death. 

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