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Earlier I mentioned LastFMCE, an outdated plugin for Windows Media Center 2005 that allowed for streaming via your WMC box. I pleaded for someone to please port this to Vista Media Center, and now, like an answer to my prayers, Damian Meher has done just that!

He created a new plugin for Vista Media Center, MceFM, which lets you stream music from the online radio service through your Windows Media Center PC. To use MceFM, you type in the name of a song or artist, and like on itself, similar songs to your entry will begin to play.

The plugin can also play similar tracks to songs already on your PC in your music library - just locate a track in your library, click on "More" and you'll be able to search for similar music.

While listening to the stream, artist and track information will display, but you can also let the service run in the background so you can do other things in Media Center while still listening to your tunes.

You will need a user account to use this plugin, so sign up for one first from the site.

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    Good point kittyburgers, I'll try to remember to make note of that. I don't have an x64 system, obviously. Sorry to get you all excited over stuff that didn't work for you! Sad

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