Lenovo PCs Boot to Windows 7 56% Faster than XP, Vista

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    This sounds like its just further compounding the same problem I have always had with booting windows.


    What does it mean to me that Windows "boots" 57% faster if it "delay[s] the loading of nonessential services and applications until after start-up"


    This just means that I get really fast boot and then chuggy slow windows for the next minute or two. It sounds petty when I say a minute or two but I just wish there was a "load everything before responding" option.


    When my computer is loading up I want to do something. Being given control only to click on the internet browser icon and nothing happens winds me up. I am given fake control of the computer with no progress bar and the hard drive chugs away for the rest of the real boot up leaving me there tapping my fingers going "come on come onnnn".


    I would sooner wait for it to be useable and then get going.

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