Life|ware Home Automation

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Life|ware is a home automation system whose goal is to merge control of your home with access to all of your digital entertainment. You can integrate Life|ware into Windows Media Center and, from there, you can manage your music, your photos, your videos, watch DVDs, and you can even schedule and record TV shows. With the system's home automation features, you can manage your home's lighting, thermostats, security systems, and distribute music throughout the house. They also have something called "Life|scenes", which can be used to set a mood using all of your home's systems. There are pre-recorded Life|scenes like "I'm Here," "Goodbye," or "Party Time," or you can program your own. The Life|ware remote control recalls the simplicity of Media Center - you use the six same buttons (My TV, My Music, My Pictures, My Videos, Play DVD and Settings). You can use Life|Ware through your TV with a Media Center PC, but also through a Media Center Extender on Xbox 360, from a PC or notebook PC on your home network, or from a Life|Point touch screen. The touch screens are all-digital, HD panels available in 8.9" or 12.1" screen sizes and many different finishes, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into its surroundings in your home. The screens have an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness according to room lighting and an automatic touch-to-wake power saving mode.

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