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Our friends at LiveSide have just pointed us to another excellent resource for Live Mesh: the Live Mesh Scenarios Directory on Redmond Pie. The idea is to give people ideas of how they can use Mesh – an idea inspired by LiveSide’s guide to synchronizing your browser favorites via Live Mesh. (The short version: go to your Favorites folder, right-click, “add to Live Mesh”).

In the new Scenarios Directory, they’ve given us another idea – synchronizing your RSS feeds in Windows Live Mesh via Live Mesh. You’ll find these feeds located at C:\Users\[Username]\Local Settings\Microsoft\Feeds” This folder is a hidden system folder, so it takes a little finagling. (Read their post for details), but the end result is a unified RSS feed list on both machines with your RSS feeds backed up to the cloud, too.  

Other ideas in the scenarios directory? How about Sync Your Visual Studio settings or Sync Your Screen Saver Pictures?

If you have any ideas for Live Mesh, email them at admin (at) redmonpie dot com.

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