Live Search Adds “Show Similar Images” Feature

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The Live Search team just announced the addition of a new feature to Live Image Search: the ability to find related images. When you hover your cursor over one of the images in the Live search results, you’ll see a new option called “Show Similar Images.” Click on that and you’ll see a new set of results focused around the initial image. This is actually very useful for anyone who does a lot of image searches and needing to quickly narrow down the options.

As you may know from prior experience, when you search for an image, not all the images are really what you were looking for. You’re presented with a variety of images, but it’s often easier use your eyes to hone in on the image you need than it is to structure a search query that does that for you. 

So for example, let’s say I’m looking for an image of a daisy, the flower, that is. Since I only entered the word “daisy” into my search query, my image search results include not only daisies (the flower), but also Daisy Duck, and some girl named Daisy, too. images1

Because I wanted to see just an image of the daisy flower – the white one, by itself, and not in a bunch, I click “Show Similar Images” on the item that most closely resembles the image I wanted.


Now look! My search results are filled with matches to the image I had originally wanted in the first place and all I had to do was click.


That’s amazingly useful.

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