Login Here, There, Everywhere With Window Live Messenger

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Recently, the Windows Live team introduced all new versions of the Windows Live products and tools including new Windows Live Hotmail, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, and more. As I’ve been using them, I keep coming across new features. One new feature that I discovered today in Windows Live Messenger is the ability to stay signed in on one PC even when I sign in to another. This is available under Tools –> Options –> Sign In. In order to customize this setting, you have to be currently signed into Messenger. Once you are, you’ll see the option becomes available instead of greyed out. Now you are able to stay signed in to your PC even when you sign into another PC, something I discovered today when I moved from the office to the laptop. You can also configure the name of this place to be something you’ll recognize like “home pc” or “laptop” for example. The name will default to your PC’s name, and that may be fine for you. The only problem I had was when I used Windows Live Messenger for mobile from my mobile phone later on – that signed me out on my PC.

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