MahTweets: A New WPF Twitter Client

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Thanks to Microsoft Student Partner Paul Jenkins, there’s a new Twitter client application to play with. The WPF-based app called MahTweets is an attractive, feature-rich .NET Twitter client which includes support for a number of Twitter-related services like YFrog, Twitpic, and Twitgoo. In addition, it also supports Facebook and Flickr.

The application, now in its second version, is an update to an earlier app which originally relied on XMPP (Jabber) to deliver updates. When Twitter discontinued XMPP support, Jenkins decided to discontinue MahTweets, too. Eventually, he became frustrated when other desktop clients didn’t offer the features he wanted, so he “rebooted” the app with help from a few others as an open source, multi-source network client.

As far as the Twitter functionality goes, MahTweets offers the standard options like viewing the timeline, replies, and the like. However, it also includes several unique features, too like filtering, auto-expanding shortened URLs, viewing in-line pictures, and automatic splitting of tweets longer than 140 characters. Future releases will include even more great features like webcam support, local searches, and themes. Other services like YouTube, TwitVid, and will also be introduced in future releases.

If you’re interested in trying MahTweets, you can install it from here.

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