Microsoft Answers Launches Beta

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There’s a new web site just for Windows Vista users: Microsoft Answers (beta). On this site, designed as sort of a cross between a Q&A answers service and an online tech support forum, you can get your computer questions answered or you can share your own knowledge with the community. To use the site, you can do one of three things: search the site, browse the top questions and answers, or you can pose a new question to the community:


The site has the same clean and simplistic design that we’ve come to expect from all the new Microsoft services, like Windows Live for example. Thanks to this aesthetic, Microsoft Answers is very easy to use.

Why This is Awesome

Until now, getting computer help has meant searching the web for keywords only to stumble upon tech support forums where answers are often hit-or-miss (or sometimes even answered by very unhelpful trolls!). To get actual support from Microsoft professionals, the only other options has been delving into the more I.T.-friendly sites from Microsoft like TechNet. But with Microsoft Answers, getting help finally has a consumer-friendly face…and it’s staffed by actual Microsoft employees! Really! If you browse to this page and click on any of the folks listed under “Meet the Microsoft Answers Team,” you’ll see that that they are listed as Microsoft employees. That should certainly make you feel more comfortable about the quality of answers you receive.

If you end up asking a question, you don’t have to keep returning to the web page to see if it’s been answered. Instead, you can subscribe to your question to get automatically updated via your browser or email program (or RSS reader, of course!). How convenient.

If you have any burning computer questions, you should check out Microsoft Answers and see if they can help.

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