Microsoft Demos New Anti-Malware Tool at Black Hat

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At the Black Hat security conference, Microsoft demonstrated a new security tool called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or EMET, which would allows older programs (like IE6) to receive new vulnerability patches. The software, an update to the original version of EMET, released back in October 2009, is intended to help better manage risk in older, legacy products while the customer or company is in the process of migrating to a modern and more secure version.

With the new version of EMET (ver. 2), there’s a better user interface, a more robust infrastructure and more mitigations, says the official announcement. And although anyone can use the tool, there’s a big corporate focus with its development – the announcement notes in particular its benefit to “line of business applications on backend servers and browsers on the desktops of corporate executives.”

The updated software hasn’t arrived yet, but reports from the conference say it should be made available in August. 

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