Microsoft Security Essentials is 1.

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Yesterday saw the first birthday of Microsoft Security Essentials, the free anti-malware suite that protects against viruses, spyware and other online nasties.

Whenever I build a new PC, or reinstall Windows (which actually happens quite a lot), it’s the first software to go on the machine once the network connection is working. Looks like I’m not alone, asEric Ligman reports that over 30 million copies of Security Essentials have been installed in the past year, in 74 different countries.

That figure is set to rise with the news that the application will be also offered to small businesses (with less than 10 users) for free next month. Now all I need is a Microsoft Security Essentials add-in for Windows Home Server (please?) and I’m fully protected.

It seems that aside from blogging and a busy day job looking after small business partners, Eric is also pitching for Microsoft’s MasterChef award with a nice line in birthday cakes. Even software gets a birthday party.


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