Microsoft Vine: A Tool to Connect People in Crisis (or Any Other Time, Too)

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    I'm still trying to wrap my head around wether or not there is a consumer offering with this.  Viewing the videos I see options to select areas of interest like sports, politics, etc...doesn't sound like it destined only for commercial/governmental use.  Very cool.

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    Eddie Starr

    genius! it will be great to see what other types of services Vine will extetnd out into. Community + Information + Safety = Good iDea

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    Guo Jing

    It looks really preatty..

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    I am very interested in how far this goes.  Here's why: My husband and I live in Oklahoma and OK has tremendous storms--many cause horrible tornadoes.  When the sirens go off (and they do, often) we must go to a place in our home we have deemed safe.  Our safe place has no tv nor cable connection.  I am searching for a way to connect to my local tv station(s) that are great about giving minute-by-minute updates and current maps showing the tornadoes' paths.  Radio stations are just not enough. I can use my laptop that connects to my home network and get on the internet.  (Granted, you must still have electrical power.) Right now, I use ORB downloaded on a Media Center desktop.  Then, I get on the internet, pull up my ORB account and pull up my local tv stations to see what is going on.  This is ok, except there are a lot of steps involved and sometimes timing becomes a problem.  How wonderful it would be to be able to see and hear these local transmissions without all these time-eating steps.  Hope the Vine creators will seriously look at some alternatives within this scenario.

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