Migrate from Amazon to Azure with Gladinet

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According to a post on the Gladinet blog, their company’s Windows software program called Gladinet Cloud Desktop can help Amazon S3 users easily migrate content from that online service to the new service offered by Windows Azure. To accomplish this, the Gladinet software integrates with Windows Explorer to provide desktop access to both online storage services from your PC. Once the Gladinet software is installed, the files stored at Amazon can be moved over to Azure via drag-and-drop just as if they were local files stored on your computer. Doing so starts a “transfer task” in Gladinet which can even be scheduled to run in the background, run at some point in the future, or run as a recurring task, says the blog post. You can keep tabs on the task from Gladinet’s management console, too.

Gladinet software is available in both free and professional versions for 32 and 64-bit Windows computers.

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