Millions of Servers Coming to the Cloud

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At the TechEd Conference, Bill Gates gave his last speech as a Microsoft full-time employee and one of the topics he discussed was Microsoft’s vision for cloud computing. (Full transcript is here.) In the speech, Gates spoke of Microsoft’s plan to have “many millions” of servers in the cloud, running all the services that traditional I.T. shops run today like Exchange, SQL Server, BizTalk, and more. These Microsoft cloud services will come in three different options – free,  ad-supported, and commercial (fee-based), he said. One has to wonder how this will position the I.T. guys in the future – it looks like their role will be changing. Whereas before, I.T. needed to know how to set up, install, manage, and support the servers in their organization, it seems like the new I.T. guy will be more a facilitator, helping a company pick out the best cloud services for the business and handling the administrative aspects of setting them up. This work will be less “geeky” than before, but still just as critical to a business’s success. It should be really interesting to watch as these things change the way the business world runs.

(img courtesy of News from Microsoft Ireland)

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