Mini Speakers. Mighty Sound. Springy Bass.

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Whenever I’m travelling, one of the first things I do when I get into my hotel room is look for an MP3 player dock. Having my own music playing in the room really helps to settle me in, but sadly, not all hotels provide a dock for guest use.

I really should pick up some portable speakers, but the ones I’ve checked out previously are either way too big for true portability, or a small, tinny and gobble up batteries like there’s no tomorrow.

The X Mini Max II may lift my downer on portable speakers. They’re small, and are held together in an egg shape by magnets for portability. There’s a simple 3.5” connector jack for plugging into your MP3 player or laptop, and forget the need for batteries – the X Mini Max II has a rechargable battery that charges via USB, so that’s one less power cable to bring along.

The speakers have a couple of additional tricks that set them apart from the rest. Firstly, you can connect multiple sets of speakers together in daisy-chain formation to spread the sound around the room. Finally, unscrew the speaker and it springs open accordion style to effectively mimic a sub-woofer.

Small speaker, big sound, large bass, no hassle. Love it. There’s a range of speakers on offer in a choice of colours, plus one model with an integrated audio player and SD card slot. That’s another item on my Christmas gift list filled. 


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