Miss the Old Movie Maker? Get it Back on Windows 7

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    So those missing features aren't gone because it's in beta but it was on purpose and they aren't coming back in the final version?

    A video editor without a timeline is just a clumsy slideshow maker. It's pretty much useless in it's current form. Live Photo Gallery and Live Mail where both improvements so why not Movie Maker too?

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    Sarah, are you reporting that those features will not make it back into the "final" release of Live Movie Maker?

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    Hey guys - I'm the Lead PM on the new Windows Live Movie Maker project.  The beta is definitely not feature-complete; having said that, we are taking the product in a slightly different direction so it's not going to have 100% the same features as the old Movie Maker.  Stay tuned - but please realize that we're aware that we have work to do before final.

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    John Ellis

    Hopefully, and I say this with genuine hope, MS changes their ways soon and realises It's NOT about simplicity all the time, simplicity and intuition are not always linked.

    List of things MS has to change:

    • The drive towards simplicity for all things- my parents who can't use moviemaker switched to Mac and use imovie like it's an innate skill
    • New releases more often. I know moving MM to WLEs will allow this but that doesn't mean it will be frequent enough- seriously who is going to choose this over ANY other video editting software out there today- I don't mean to offend anybody but I don't care if I do- this is the most disappointing software MS has released in the past 5 years.
    • Same goes for Internet Explorer- I know IE8 is a big undertaking when it comes to changing trident for standards, I understand, and I like IE8, it's my default browser. But now that standards have been incorporated start adding features fast. I mean every 6 months I want a .5 release. That will gain marketshare, anything else is trying to empty a sinking ship with a spoon.

    I love MS, they're by far my favourite company in the world, I would hope to work for them someday but STOP thinking you know better. Look at what people do TO your products, we aren't simplifying them, finally you updated Paint slightly, but look at Paint.net, Notepad++, Fences for the desktop- if your customers are doing these simple and useful additions WHY DON'T YOU?!

    I know that's a rant but seriously guys your capacity to innovate in some areas and lack of it in others drives me crazy. The next version of Movie maker better get some serious ground caught up on what it's lost and what its competitors can do already. There's no excuse, unless you want to make EVERYTHING so simple a 4 and a half year old can do it.

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    John Ellis

    Thank you for regarding our thoughts, I will patiently anticipate the results.

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    Aleksei Vassiljev

    > New releases more often.
    > I mean every 6 months I want a .5 release.

    Constant desire for new software updates - it's not a good symptom (unless you are 15 year old kid or a linux zealot)

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    John Ellis

    Used to be a linux zealot, roughly when I was 15, I am older and things have changed, I run pretty much exclusively Microsoft software mostly due to a shared image of how things should work. That said I do believe that in some (but not all) cases software should have a good turnover of releases, the Zune team have done very well with the Zune software roughly updating it every 6 months and clearly on the browser front a lot of people seem to agree that frequent updates are a nice thing to have.

    Internet explorer is available exvclusively on Windows and as such should be a jewel in Microsoft's crown, whilst I enjoy using it the majority of students on my course all ask why a geek like me doesn't use Mozilla. Opinions are hard to change but the thing that brings about that change is surprisingly... change, or in some cases stagnation. If we see IE9 coming out when Win8 comes along we won't see a change in user opinion towards IE, and new and interesting developments in standards will be slow to be adopted- how does that benefit anybody? Sure developers like a set of standards that withstand time but that's not to say their current tricks won't work.

    Look at the iLife product range from Apple, in a year they went from 08 to 09 release and brought with it small but significant improvements that would postpone many from upgrading to other packages- why can't a browser be the same?

    I knwo that IE has huge amounts of market share, but the erosion taking place is pretty dramatic, public perception is not in IE's favour right now, and neither is it in the case of Live search, Live essentials etc and in some cases Microsoft as a whole. Seeing as browsers are such an important part of how we use computers today it seems foolish to not focus on constantly raising the bar, especially in the "fight" against Google and others.

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    Do you even have more video format support planned? Why not called it "Windows Media Maker" because besides WMA/WMV it doesn't allow exporting anything (except DV AVI). Do you care to plan to support (import AND export) AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG-4/H.264. Can you make it stable and use DirectShow for any format import support? What about basic trimming and smart encoding? If the needs of users aren't met by WMM, do you expect people to use multiple applications and juggle video files between them? With a broken half-baked feature-set, no one will user WLMM.

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    plz can somebody tell me how to download the old version? 
    i really need it as soon as possible and i can't find it, can somebody send me a link or something?
    thanks so much! 

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    i bet

    I bet the video editing companies are trying to monopolize the software and are making it hard for legit users to use a good program.  Both Apple and MS have pretended to give out a better product, but have actually sold us crap with their new upgrades.  They want to us to pay extra for quality film editing software so they are taking it away from us.  Bad move guys.

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    @mtorres:It's terrible and ruined now.
    Do you see all the comments on-line, everywhere?
    Whoever said no timeline now had their head up their *.
    I'm still trying to get the old one back and will.
    Damn that new one is *. It's awful!

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    @John Ellis:WELL said.
    They won't listen to a word though.
    IE is crap too though, constantly crashing or freezing compared to Mozilla that never does.

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    @zhuweis:Again.....WELL said.
    Because they're DUMB.
    That's WHY.

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    MS Problem SOLVER -Jason

    Thankfully, most of the world doesn't have their head up their kazoo like M. Torres at MS.
    HERE, is how you get it back!!!
    To BOOT!
    'Fight Back' is damn right.
    STOP messing with things.
    IF it's not broken-
    DON'T fix it!!! 
    Make it better (MORE effects and transitions!) or find another job, Dumb *!!
    (Everyone else......You're Welcome!)

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    Hope someone can help, i'm using window 7 and have just Installed movie maker 2.6 for windows (7) I have then re imported the media from my sony camcorder into folders in my videos. These have been saved as Movie Clip (.MPG) Windows Media Player which play fine in their own windows, when I try to import to collections I have no vision or sound.I have look at the properties and the file size for each clip looks the correct size so the media is in but cannot read/see it?I have reinstalled the software several timesOn the same machine windows live movie maker does work but I need a better editing software I find movie maker live very restrictive.Other people can use 2.6 in windows 7 (Help!!!)Many thanks Damon

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    Sarah, Thank you so much for providing the link to download v2.6 of MovieMaker. This is a life saver for me! I'm a freelancer who is creating how-to cooking videos, and the new version of MovieMaker has so much stripped out that I cannot use it.  Maybe Microsoft will release a more full-featured version in 2011 and I can update to it.

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    @Damon: Apparently the old movie maker version does not support .mpg files, among others. How lame -_-

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    Hello, does anyone know how to get the Vista version? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it! I have 2.6 but it has less effects that I miss, like Spin 360.

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    @mtorres:  Bring back the timeline!!!

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    how do i download the old one?

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    how do i download the old one?

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    Really loved the old movie maker and very little trouble.  Can a person have both live and original MM on their computer?  Please improve Live MM quickly if not. DWJ

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    I had sleepless nights over the new version on my windows 7. Thank you for the above solution. I couldn't even cut and merge music files with the 2011 movie-maker.

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    Well I just downloaded and tried out the new Movie Maker and I am bitterly disappointed. I can't do most of the clever things with it that I had learnt to do with the old version. I have no control over overlap (which I used to create some brilliant multi-layered effects in the old version), can't edit clips separately, can't place all the material in a folder, can't find all the zooming options for pics. The list just goes on. I just don't get it. This is like a baby's toy instead of a decent editor. I sure hope I can get the old one back on my pc. Damn! Knew I should have ignored the new one.

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    Hate the Windows Live version of Movie Maker - it doesn't do what I want and it is not intuitive like the version I had on my Vista machine. Anyone know of a way to get the Vista version installed on a Windows 7 machine? For MS info - I do not want to publish my movies to the web, and I do not want to have software automatically create movies for me! Give us back the older version that was easy to use and more powerful than the new version!

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    I miss the old movie maker but I dont know where to download it can you help me?

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    Just downloaded the newe version and was, like all of you, very disappointed. No merging songs and video anymore, notimeline. So it's now quite useless.
    Like this, dear friends of Microsoft, you can't win against apple. Now way.
    really a pity!

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    I downloaded 2.6 and put it on my win7 machine. It does not work properly. freezes at 47% while trying to save as a dv-avi. Pleas just make a version of the old moviemaker for win 7 that actually is bug free

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    This new version of movie maker is rubbish!!
    PLEASE bring back the old version of timeline.
    Why change something that works??????

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    I wanted to Windows Live Movie Maker so badly, I actually got a newer used laptop with Vista because I knew it ran on Vista. Oops, not THAT Vista, I needed a higher service pack. So, I BOUGHT Windows 7 just for this program. I wanted to make even cooler videos.

    Then, with my new OS installed, I rubbed my hands together, anticipating the download of a better Movie Maker with panning finally! I cannot even explain to you my disappointment when I ever opened it. I really assumed this program would help me take my videos to the next level, but it doesn't have any of the type effects I love like paint drip (it has about six), or the video effects, like smudge or spectrum. I hate that I can't set type on video clips! And I really, really hate that's there's no timeline. I liked overlapping my pictures a certain way, at a certain point, to get a seamless blend. Plus, it's HARDER to use. I think their reason for making it simpler is a load of bull. How is it easier? I have to hunt for EVERYTHING NOW. Before it was right there. And before, there was an option for timeline OR storyboard. WLMM is no better than any other slideshow program. What crap! I do not believe for one second that it was too difficult for most people to use, that that was their biggest complaint. Please. My four-year-old can drag and drop. So even the biggest dolt should've been able to figure it out.

    Can't you just upgrade the regular movie maker, add pans and zooms, some new effects on title, type and video. That's what I seriously thought this would be.

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    I've been over-the-moon with this tip and link even though it's an old posting I went yesterday to download and install the old Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and stuffed it onto my new Windows 7 system. I couldn't believe it when it installed alongside the useless Windows Live MM.
    Now I can once again import and edit movie files but more importantly save them whatever size I choose instead of having to use the new poorly limited system they put out as an excuse for a movie handling bit of kit with Windows 7.

    In fact I have never like windows "live" anything. It's a control freak type of program and I prefer the older way of doing things my way not at Microsoft's bidding.

    OK so WMM doesn't have many editing functions like sharpening a movie that is a bit blurred but it can make easy to email versions of things and that means we get away from the tyranny of 150 mb movies that only last 3 minutes.

    So thank you to whoever it was pointed us to the old version that can run on 64 bit Windows. Well done Sarah Perez you're a genius and a generous one at that.
    Jeremy (UK)

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    Yeah, this new version is pathetic.
    Half the menu for * like facebook (GRRR!) and youtube and useless stuff.
    It keeps signing me in to msn?! No no no.
    No background colors for text... ETC.
    This new version is "Movie editting for dummies".

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    paul glink

    Windows Live Movie Maker is absolutely awful compared to 2.6. I can't believe Microsoft is so studid as not to realise this, so I wonder what is going on. Some of the best and most obviously useful features are no longer avaiable and others take 10 times longer to use. It is a terrible, terrible programme.

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    Ed Urbaniak

    I don't mind windows live movie maker, but why do I have to install their picture viewer too? Ugh

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    I have to agree with the things that have been posted here about Windows Live Movie Maker. This program limits creativity. To make matters worse, it will not allow me to open projects saved in older versions of Windows Movie Maker. Shame on Microsoft for continually taking giant steps BACKWARDS when giving us new "updated" software with which to work. Not only have they screwed up with this Microsoft product...They changed the newer of Office products so much veteran users have a learning curve (and slow down in productivity) in order to figure out where in the heck you placed everything in the stupid "ribbons."
    Come on Microsoft... don't you talk to real people who use your products before you go ahead and put it out there and leave us little choice but to use it when we are pretty much "forced" to upgrade???? Yep, Apple is certainly looking more appealing.

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    I just now bothered to play with the new WMM on my Nice huge Gateway touch screen purchased just for editing video and other media formats fully expecting WMM to be like it was on my older HP Laptop designed for video editing and think it just stinks. It is a good thing that I have my older version along with several other editing programs I purchased to work video in. I will abandon WMM on the new computer until they bring back all the real editing features if at all. Why should things be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator? Make people think to learn and quit being "Big Brother" Micro Floppy.

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    how dumb do u hav to be not to figure how to work with a time line!? the old movie maker was too simple as it is. the new one is just garbage. stop trying to simplify things and make our lives harder.

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    Yes... Yes it works on window's 7 /// I so much missed the time line version 2.6 work...
    thanks ...

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    Thank goodness for Version 2.6. I cannot comprehend the logic of removing the timeline from Windows Live Movie Maker. Without it is pretty much a guessing game. The outcome is poor quality movie making. Perhaps Microsoft should consider talking to their customers first before removing something so useful. A disgruntled New Zealander

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    Can't believe this 'updated' version does not have the timeline. A timeline is essential for video editing. I made all my travel video's with the old WMM, and what made these awesome was that i was able to sync photo's and video's to the beat of the music. The old WMM was basic enough but now i can't even do these simple things. Here i was expecting more editing options for higher quality video's, but im left bitterly diappointed!!

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    Thank you, thank you for sharing this link. Yea for 2.6! Yucky movie maker live!

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    I dont like the new widows live movie maker its missing alot of things that I really needed how so I get it back????!!!

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    Absolutely terrible. How am I supposed to edit without a timeline?

    I know it's two years old but

    "having said that, we are taking the product in a slightly different direction so it's not going to have 100% the same features as the old Movie Maker."

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? EVER? Who sat down at a meeting and said "Gee, Windows Movie Maker is a functional, useful program. I think we should "take it in a slightly different direction" and remove all of the useful features to make it a useless piece of crap"?

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    All I can say is God Bless you! :o)I've lost night of sleep and finally found you.

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    Can I download an older version of windows live movie maker even though I already have a different version? Or will it not let me? D:

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    will i get any viruses from this download?

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    I managed to get the old version downloaded but it doesn't seem to like my new hd video clips... the playback is choppy and the timeline is now next to useless as it jumps around all over the place! ARRRGHHHHH! Microsoft need to have a word with themselves and sort out a movie maker that will actually make movies.....

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    Aidan Moore

    I've been a media player fan since i was a kid, but when the new one doesn't even show the video correctly, it makes it impossible to use. I'd rather not spend ages trying to find out why my screen is black when the old one was easier to use and works fine. Thanks for re-reasing the old one, I really didn't want to have to find something else to learn all over again. Ps, the timeline is really important when it comes to soundtracks and sound effects. Just saying.

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    I am not really keen on the new version i miss the old one where its easy and fun to control- if u agree with me please follow me on twitter- lucy_daniels or facebook- lucy daniels. thanks:')

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    Boyd Smith

    Thanks for the information here,.. apparently I'm lucky enough to have the older version of WMM because I still have the timeline and other features. But I have a question that I hope someone here can answer?
    I have written to MS support, but got no answer.
    Is there any way that I can use the information (video, audio, music, credits/titles) clips that have been modified for one project,.. and transfer them to another 'new' project?? I tried to 'cut-and-paste' them into a 'collections' folder,... but whenever I 'cut' or 'copy' one of the modified video (or other) clips The PASTE function is disabled when I attempt to 'paste' it into a folder!! It just doesn't work at all! It just goes 'ghosted' in the function window.
    Does anyone have an idea on what I can do? The reason I found this comments link is because I was thinking that maybe I could somehow open 2 project windows simultaneously, and try to work between the 2 time-lines? Is is possible to even open 2 WMM programs simultaneously on my computer desktop? I haven't figured out how? I'd greatly appreciate any help or suggestions? Thanks big in advance!
    - Boyd

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    Thank you SO much for this! Just like the new MSN is total crap, so is the new WMM. Love the old one, so glad I could get it back!

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    Thank you SO much! I bought a new computer recently and turned on what I thought was the usual Windows Movie Maker only to realise to my horror that it was completely useless. I use it quite often to cut music for my dance students and I couldn't believe I couldn't even do that with it!

    Why would Microsoft make such a complete mess of such a good program?!

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    What caused MS to remove Timeline management from WMM?

    Why drop function that is very much needed and it already existant?

    Are we going to get it back in Win/8?

    At the top of this BLOG a statement indicates one can get back old functions:


    But for these more advanced users of Windows Movie Maker, there's now some good news: the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker is available for download now – and it even works on Windows 7 Beta! If you want to get this older version back, you can do so: just follow the link below:



    However when I tried to getn V 2.6 it told me that it is for VISTA. What is

    that statement telling me?

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    Simplify? Are you just catering for seniors new to computing with no expectation they will ever get better? How insulting and narrow. If you must have a simple version for this portion demographic, make it a choice when the program starts. No timeline et al makes Movie Maker unusable - well done if this was your intention.

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    Thank you very much for the link for the movie maker,It was really amazing n pretty simple.I tried to get it installed to my Windows 7 even with these time consuming torrents.Nothing worked but yours.Thanks a lot.

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    Microsoft Sucks

    Its like buying a new car and now the steering wheel is located in the back seat and the brake pedal in the glove compartment. WILL YOU IDIOTS AT MICROSOFT LEAVE THINGS WHERE THEY ARE. Old Office was just fine. Now it takes 5 mouse clicks for things that used to take one. The "Ribbon" SUCKS. MICROSOFT SUCKS.

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    Did someone forget about the option to capture video within the movie maker?

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    Thanks, you're a lifesaver!

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    Thanks Sarah Perez!

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    2 years later and still havent added these basic features?

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    i want to make a remix but the new movie make wont let me for some reason so i really want the old one

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    This is just another way for MS to try and force market share to a live product. Anytime there is "live" in any product I immediately shut it down. If I want to connect and use bandwidth, I'll do it when I'm good and ready. I don't need to be connected to MS Live anything in order to edit a movie on my own pc, for my own viewing. MS just continues to ignore the users in favour of forcing invasion of privacy on us.

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    aj castro

    is this serious? they said that can be in window7 bat when i follow that link . for vista ? is that compatible running in window7 ?? urgent reply please . i really need the movie maker . please reply to my email .
    thank you .

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    My wonderful windows movie maker has been corrupted how can I download the old version back on my vista?

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    Paul M

    if you make a soft link to
    "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\WLXVideoAcquireWizard.exe"

    then it's a convenient way to grab video from, say, a DV camcorder.

    I came here to try and find a proper copy of the real movie maker, and luckily I'd kept some old versions around because different versions had different significant flaws in them cause by Microsoft's weird ideas on what end users want. I call it the Appleification - removing everything but the most simple features so as to appeal to beginners, and leave the professional stuff to third parties.

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    The Windows Live Movie Maker is absolutely TERRIBLE. I can't do anything useful with it. Microsoft targeted the newbs and ignored it's large base of advanced users.

    I would have been fine with 2.6 on Windows 7 if all they did was update the graphics, make it stable, and allow high definition videos. But instead of making a great product better, they crumbled it up and threw it away.

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    I just bought a laptop with windows 7 and I don't like Live Movie Maker. Why didn't MS upgrade effects and transitions, like scroll up or down, the fast zoom in or out, add a "layering timeline" (like Proshow has) and leave the original design alone? My question: I want to download the old version but will it work just as good in my new pc as it did in my laptop, which thankfully I still have? Thanks!

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    WMM 2.6 doesn't work on Windows 7. The timeline is very bugging when it comes to audio-video synching. Thanks, Microsoft. -_-

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    Even though I know it's pointless to complain over something that has been a topic for over 3 years, I'd like to say that I have to agree with most of the comments here. I bought my first Windows7 not so long ago, and since then I more and more miss the days of XP and even Vista. The first problem I had since Vista, was that I could not set my system language to English (I live in Germany) without paying a huge sum to get the ultimate versions of each OS, thus leaving me unable to use my lipsyncing programs which rely on Windows speechrecognition. Today, I used WMM the first time on 7 and the first thing that struck me was ,that no matter how hard I searched I couldn't find a way to change to the timeline-view we all knew from the old days. A quick internet search led me to this page. The feeble excuse for WMM that is being distributed as film editing and cutting software, might be simple to use but useless if you have powerpoint, which is probably better suited for making slideshows. I wonder how stupid the majority of people using WMM must be, that a corporation such as Microsoft, which I still hold in high regard, had to dumb-down their products. I'm not sure if MS would profit from people buying third-party software, and to be honest I doubt it, but it looks like they are leaving dedicated users no choice but to look for something else. It's just sad what has become of the world (meaning the people who require idiot-proof software and the corporations which don't give a damn about the rest of their clients who pay good money to recieve things they had expected to be good)

    A slightly annoyed User

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    Thanks so much for this - I've been looking for the original one for years - I especially wanted it for the ability to move backward or forwards a frame at a time, and then when you find the bit you like, you can take a picture of it. The Live version does not have this feature.

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    PS. I am using Windows7 64bit, and it definitely saves the pictures on that.

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    I wouldn't suggest downloading this. I downloaded it and every time i try to save a movie file it stops responding. I have a project due tomorrow and I'll have to do it all over again on a different computer. The program is corrupt or something.

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    Thanks so much for this post. Live Movie Maker was absolutely useless to me. I downloaded WMM 6.0 and now I can actually edit my videos again. Microsoft is a good company, but they sure make some monumentally dumb decisions when it comes to some of their products.

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    I have to agree with most of the comments here. I've always like it that Microsoft software can be used to do more technical stuff. However it seems this may be a thing of the past. I am very disappointed.

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    Thanks a bundle, you saved me a lot of time and the need for a beer. I'm still going to have that beer though.

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    thx soo much

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    I want to puke. I have to make three dvds for three different classes as end of the school year projects. I thought I must be missing something when I couldn't find the timeline. Now I have to buy software because this current WMM is the most ridiculously clumsy piece of crap. I was so excited to use my new computer and not my old laptop that would overheat. Why even call it WMM? Why not call it Slideshows for Wankers?

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    Is there a way to import MP4 files into the old Movie Maker 2.6?

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    worked on windows 7 64 bit, thanks!

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    I had windows movie maker 2.6 for a month now but its starting to freeze alot when i want to skip frames, edit something, etc.

    so when i try to open tools, properties or any kind of option on the tabs, the whole program shuts down automatically, i tried re opening the program and re-do the process and same results occur.
    and i also tried restarting the computer and nothing has changed.
    help pleaaase!

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    Idiots the lot of you. There is always someone who cries when something new replaces old.

    I started out with Windows Movie Maker [windows 7 version] 3 years ago. It was simple and intuitive and I made great things with it. For shits and giggles, I downloaded the older version.

    It froze up, it hated the files I wanted to use and the so called timeline was an absolute waste, slowing down what would take me maybe an hour of work into 3 or 4 for something that was still incomplete. I uninstalled it.

    Everyone who complained about windows live movie maker after toying with it for like 5 minutes needs to shut up and sit down. There is no such thing as useless software if you know how to use it. I made some need effects while using WLMM because I actually took the time to use it.

    I have tried using sony vegas 9. I still have it for more complex things but that's a rarity in and of it self because I don't have much knowledge on it. Does that mean I call it crap and bemoan for something simpler? EVERYTHING has a learning curve you twits. You just have to sit your * down and learn about it.

    The only critique I have of WLMM now is that the upgrade, WLMM 2012 is not compatiable with my smaller laptop [it's a notebook but it has a somewhat weak graphics card] so I have to downgrade to a older version of live movie maker to continue working.

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    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but this is close.

    I've been editing some videos in Sony Vegas 10.  Slowly, I'm learning how to get things to work.  I'm using an old Toshiba laptop, which is my Windows 8 test PC.

    Anyway, I wanted to try something I used to do in Windows Movie Maker, with the starwars style titles, and found that Movie Maker didn't run.  I downloaded and installed Essentials 2012 which was supposed to fix that, and seems to have worked.


    So, now that I think I have things running, I started playing around with Windows Movie Maker.  Within fifteen minutes, I was searching for how to put the timeline back into place, and when I couldn't find it, I did some searching and ended up here.

    This is all very silly, as I see it.  Programs contain tools, and different people use different tools for different purposes.  While it's true you can use a screwdriver as a chisel, or a micrometer for a glue clamp, there are reasons why different tools exist.


    I was hoping that someone here could tell me how to add the missing timeline, but instead I'm reading that Microsoft is designing their new software for idiots, and they'd be lost with anything more complicated than the basics.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. 



    If anyone has found a way to either fix the current version, or how to install one of the older versions on Windows 8, please post the information here.  My video will be in 720p format from Canon and Panasonic cameras, and will eventually be uploaded to YouTube. 


    (There are still some competent people at Microsoft, as Windows 8 has taken my old, junky, slow and heavy laptop and made it quite nice once again.  What they've done to cripple Windows for those of us who don't have touch screens is another story, but I've found work-arounds for just about everything.)

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    Seriously, I really needed to put a project together, and thought I could rely on Windows Movie Maker...but I need a timeline. mtorres...what happened??

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    Robert Samuel

    I used 2.6 several years ago just one time and it was awesome. I figured it out. Came back now with Windows 7 to do a Birthday DVD for my mom's 60th and I feel so limited and lost. The lack of TIMELINE and AUDIO manipulation made me miss sending it to her for her birthday which was SATURDAY TODAY IS MONDAY!!!!! SO HER GIFT IS LATE!!!! THANKS A LOT - I HATE MICROSOFT - I have an ipad an ipod and an iphone- This experience has pushed me to the edge and I will be getting a MAC now - Im done with GATES & COMPANY. STEVE JOBS WAS A GENIUS. RIP

  • User profile image

    Thank you so much! I needed this for my college stuff and you guys really helped me out. This program works great.

  • User profile image

    THANK YOU.... I am 50 years old and not particularly technically minded and i was so lost with the new movie maker. I actually think the timeline IS the simpler, more logical version and it also allowed me more control over how and when to overlap images and sounds. it let me experiment, learn and get creative as i learned.

    I hate the new one. havent a clue (even after following a youtube tutorial) so happy to have the timeline and the old features back. i can start back at doing my altered art tutorials for customers again.

  • User profile image

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I absolutely hate windows live media maker. So glad I can go back to the old one.

  • User profile image
    tuhin sheik

    i wont to say it vary good

  • User profile image

    To the dumbfucj who thought it was a great idea to make a new version of movie maker for Windows7 but only have it available for those who dont mind if they're being cyber-stalked by just about ANYONE, I Hate This Windows Live Essentials *.

    Im glad i can get a cyberstalker-unfriendly version again, but i kinda wish 2.6 was mp4 compatible. Ahwell. Cant have everything.
    Thanks for the download link!!!

  • User profile image

    Please let me add mp4 in MM2.6
    Please burry LMM as deep as you can

  • User profile image

    hi,., I was in a great need for windows movie maker, but when i downloaded the thing , the new one came down it is really really crap, no timeline , and harder to use , means u can't even edit or do audio settings, and cant even increase or decrease the size of the photo.
    But thank God I got the old version back :) from the link ,., who ever had put that link there , really thankful to you.
    these companies are just making life more difficult on the names of so called 'simplified versions or upgraded versions' .

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    Very help me...

  • User profile image

    Thank you very much!

  • User profile image

    thanks ..

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    Steve Consalvez

    Another example of Microsoft simply not listening. You do not make a product better by reducing required items-that's insane. You make it better by removing glitches, and adding what users are asking for. Come out of the ivory tower and mingle with the townsfolk Microsoft!!

  • User profile image

    As a 17 year vetern of Microsoft I can tell you that the chances of you getting a version of MMaker with the features you want are slim.  I haven't spoken with anyone from that team to verify this - it is just my opion and not an official statement by Microsoft.  I'll try to explain in non-MS speak -

    Feature teams (such as the one that makes MMaker) *typically* do NOT take requirements from users.  Unless there is an outcrying that reaches GM or VP level the feature set of new products are usually decided by a couple PMs (Program Manages); often a junior PM and their lead.  These are not managers of organizations but just a term used to describe someone who "manages a project;" e.g. collect customer requirements, partner with appropriate teams, provide docs detailing what the team is building from a feature perspective, rally and keep dev and test on schedule, keep everyone informed about timelines and status, etc...

    These PMs, often junior and not typically enth. about the project or technology, cannot find or champion user requests effectively.  They often don't know where to look or are not technical enough to understand what the users are asking.  Sometimes it's laziness and other times it's merely following orders from the GM (who is often more concerned about influencing others outside their org than getting in touch with user needs).

    So, you're left with a level 59 or 60 (which is very low) PM who needs to prove themself in the eyes of their management chain.  This often creates the need to be more interested with creating documents (project specs, feature specs, timeline/roadmap docs, project status updates, mid-year reviews, annual reviews, ...) and holding meeting after meeting to sync with dev/test/maybe localization (at the end)/other teams (e.g. media player, directx, ...)), ... you get the idea... than to use other products, learn about the users of their products, or 'get technical' to create something actually innovative.  It's busy work mostly.  Some necessary, some not, but the work they do is not prioritized around what users want - it's about checking off a semi-standard to-do list for shipping a product.

    Sometimes, the PM might pull together a usability study managed by a vender.  That is usally done after the team has a foothold on the new features and typically what falls out of that is a justification for doing what they've already planned to do.  In other words the study is tainted by bias.  If you've gotten the sense that product development is more about satisfying internal employees than users you've gotten the core point of all this.

    As you can see, there's a LOT working against the user who wants specific features to be in the final product.  Some groups do have PMs that are technically capable and enthusiastic about their product but they are the exception; Visual Studio and SQL usually have teams that are passionate about their technology for instance.  MMaker - it's a calculator, notepad, minesweep, songsmith...  First thing people inside the company say to each other when meeting outside work is; what group are you with?  No one wants to say, "I'm on the Movie Maker team!!"  That is, unless the person's manager or Microsoft customer is within earshot.


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    how do you download a movie maker to do cool stuff

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    Roy Gol

    Dear Sarah.

    This is one of the only times where I actually DID get exactly what I wanted while searching on the net.

    You were spot on by saying that the new version of Movie Maker striped the function of audio being overlay on video amongst other things.

    That was exactly my problem with the new version which makes editing too simple to the point where it is not useable.

    Thank you so much for that.
    I feel I owe you big time

    Roy Gol
    Attraction Marketing

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    Hi Blaney

    Follow the link in the body of the post here to download the proper movie maker and if you have any more question contact me


  • User profile image

    Omgosh thank you for leaving this up for 4 years!
    I just started playing with video and was near ripping my hair out trying to get the newer product to do BASIC editing! It seems many of the newer MS programs, including Windows 8, are missing BASIC features that even computer-illiterate senior citizens expect.

  • User profile image

    it works for me (windows7 64bit) very pleased.

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    Fed up with MS

    mtorres, we waited. But in vain.

    FFS, I updated my Vista (Yes, one of the forgotten few who paid for the Vista mistake - my last MS product ever) and the new Movie Maker is shite. mtorres, hang your head in shame.

  • User profile image

    To Lyth: Thanks for the info! It was handy to get an inside view into how Microsoft works, and it seems like it's just like many big corporations out there.

    Which is kinda sad. :( But I guess it's to be expected.

    Is there a way that user concerns can jump into priority? For big corportations? For Microsoft specifically?

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    sunil kumar mano

    Hi I tried to enable the timeline option in my latest version of movie maker running in my windows 8. But I cannot able to enable it. I found in some forums saying that timeline option is not available in latest version of movie maker. So I downloaded older version of movie maker 2.6. So I request the microsoft development team to enable the timeline option in latest version of movie maker itself.

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    its great that you can get WMM for windows 7! i am sooo used to making movies on windows xp one thing that annoys me is that in windows 7 movie faker is that the timeline thing is on the right instead of the bottom another reason is that it takes FOREVER to save a video on windows 7 movie faker i just like the old movie maker better microsofts products are getting worse i hate bing and internet explorer and all the "live bait" stuff that they have now luring you in with descriptions saying that its great you can do wayy more than with windows movie maker!!! ya no. i think the windows live stuff should actually be "windows live bait" i think that even though windows xp is more slower its actually reliable and i also hate word and other microsoft office products 2010 and newer i use microsoft office 2007 its the best and i hate calibri and cambria fonts

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    Bambi Cummins

    I have always used Movie Maker to edit video for my 2 websites. I was forced to upgrade to a windows 7 ultimate 32bit system in December after my old vista died. I have installed the movie maker 2.6 but that is not the old version I had. Yes 2.6 has the timeline, but it does not have the pan features or the zoom in and out of each corner features like the version I was running offered. I use to be able to zoom in to bottom left, or right or top left or right. Same with zoom out and pan left to right, top to bottom features. Does anyone know what version that was that I was running? or if there is anyway for me to get that version again? I really need those features for what I do, I typically have to crop a persons face out of a video so the zoom features worked for that.

    Next question, if I can't get my old version back, does anyone know what video editing program I can buy that has face blur tecnology?

  • User profile image

    I notice the mtorres has not made any other comments. Sticks and stones may break your bones but word keep you off the thread. So, this is an example of the legacy of the cloud. You wonder why the industry moved away from office servers at the start of the office computing to individual PCs. This is why cloud v personal storage and software will be the new battle like beta v VHS or Iphone v android.

  • User profile image

    Oh, old MM users, check your old program install discs. I installed several programs on my old PCs and I always found options to install MSMoney, or MSWorks or Moviemaker. Maybe if it's there, it'll install.

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