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A service called MoDazzle brings social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and to your mobile phone. In an attempt to make searching these networks faster for mobile users with bandwidth issues, MoDazzle offers a way to interact with these networks using unique email addresses and SMS short codes. With MoDazzle, you can email in or SMS your search requests for different actions on the supported social networks. For example, Facebook users can email/SMS MoDazzle for locating a contact, reading your Facebook messages, poking other users, checking a friend's status, reading your wall, posting to others' walls, and more. Each community and/or feature has its own SMS short code and email address. Although it's great to see this kind of mobile integration with social networks, the system is a bit too complex to use on-the-fly from memory, since each request has a unique address and syntax. However, I can see where it could be useful if you had a unique need, like uploading photos to Facebook on the go, and wanted a quicker way to do so than using a slow-loading app. I can't imagine trying to use all the features in this way, though, unless you didn't have access to mobile browsing on your phone and needed an alternative. You can also access news, weather, stocks, directions, and locate the nearest Starbucks with the MoDazzle service.

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