Mooncake Brings DeepZoom to Flickr and SmugMug

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How cool is this? The guys over at LiveSide uncovered Felix Wang’s not-so-secret project called Mooncake, which brings DeepZoom capabilities to the photo-sharing sites Flickr and SmugMug. Similar to Microsoft Live Labs’ own PhotoZoom, Mooncake can generate a deep zoomable photo album of your favorite pictures. However, where PhotoZoom pulls in images via an RSS feed, Mooncake tries to make that process even easier – you only need enter your Flickr or SmugMug account info to make your own DeepZoom album which can then be easily embedded on any web site or blog.

To use Mooncake, you must first sign up for the service at

To create an album, you begin by clicking on create new collection:


Next you choose “add photos.” Here you can select from either Flickr or SmugMug – and uploading from your PC is a feature listed as coming soon:


Once you enter in your username for your preferred photo-sharing service, you can then choose the album drop-down box to show just the photos from a particular online album:


You can select individual photos or click a link to easily select them all. Once you have all the photos selected, click the “add photos” button at the bottom.  The service will build a deep-zoomable album for you which you can then preview and share.

The album is embeddable as either a standard viewer (400x400) or mini-viewer (200x200) or you can customize the code to your liking using the viewer size options box at the bottom of the page.

my dogs

You can then copy and paste the code and add the viewer to any web site on the net as either an object, iframe, or javascript embed.

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