MySpaceID Comes to Windows Live

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Today, MySpaceID, MySpace’s open alternative to Facebook Connect, went live on the Windows Live platform. MySpaceID typically offers a way for users to connect their profile information from MySpace to third party sites. Unlike Facebook Connect, MySpaceID (as well as the rest of the MySpace Open Platform) uses the Open Stack - that is, it uses OpenSocial, OAuth, and OpenID technologies, as opposed to a proprietary, closed framework.

With the new Windows Live implementation, Windows Live as well as Windows Live services including Live Messenger and Hotmail, will start broadcasting MySpace activity streams data via MySpaceID. That means Windows Live users will be able to see MySpace activities like status updates, blog entries, photo uploads, and music across numerous Windows Live properties.

The integration is made possible by using MySpace’s API, again built on open standards.

To enable this integration in your Windows Live profile, just do the following:

  1. Sign into your Windows Live account here.
  2. Click “Add Web Activities”
  3. Choose “MySpace” from the Options listed
  4. Add MySpace to your Windows Live account.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to see all your MySpace activities from your Windows Live homepage and share them with your extended Windows Live network.

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