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At CES, Microsoft announced a Windows Mobile application for managing your Netflix queue. With the new app, you can search the entire Netflix library, add or remove items from your queue, or change the order in which they will be viewed. In addition, you can get movie details and stream trailers and other video clips using the software. The ability to stream video is a feature unique to Windows Mobile – no other mobile app lets you do that. However, you cannot stream full-length movies to your phone with this or any other mobile app available today.

For more details, check out the Windows Mobile Team blog post or to just download the application for free, go here.

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    Actually, you can stream full-length movies using something like SlingMedia.  From what I have seen of "Beta", it looks like they are going to expand what sources you can stream from to include Hulu, etc.  That said, I'd really like to see Media Center/Extender provide some sort of Windows Live service to stream content not only from Windows Media Center but also online content.  And they probably need to unify the platform so NetFlix (and others) who want to be on Media Center don't have to develop an entirely new application.  Microsoft's backend should not only make it available on standalone devices like XBox..but also on Media Center.

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    I meant "Netflix mobile app" LOL

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