Netgear’s 3DHD Wireless Brings the Internet to Your TV Cabinet

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With the advent of high speed 802.11n wireless, we’re seeing more and more devices pop up with the ability to connect into your home network over Wi-Fi – games consoles, Blu-Ray players, digital media receivers, even TVs are now equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports to stream content from local PCs and home servers, and of course, pull down online content from service providers.

This proliferation of connected devices is awesome, but poses a couple of problems – firstly, if you want to stream high definition video, that’s a lot of data to push over the network, so you need to ensure you have the highest quality, fastest network connection available. Secondly, you need to ensure that connection works just as well across multiple devices hooked up in your TV cabinet.

If you haven’t dropped Ethernet cable into the lounge yet, and love the neatness of Wi-Fi then check out Netgear’s brand new 3DHD Wireless Home Theater Networking Kit. It comes with two high-spec wireless adaptors, one to connect to your router and a second to drop into your TV cabinet. With 4 Ethernet ports, the receiver acts just like a switch, allowing multiple devices to plug in and connect up to the wireless network at high speed.

Networking geeks will love the four internal MIMO transmitters and receivers built into each adaptor, which should blast through multiple walls and provide a decent signal range and quality, dynamic digital beam forming which steers the Wi-Fi signal towards the receiver rather than in all directions, and Space Time Block Coding, which sounds like it was invented by Doctor Emmett Brown, but in fact  sends multiple and redundant copies of the same data across different paths, minimizing packet loss and improving video reliability.

If you need to transform those living room AV devices into connected devices, then check it out.




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