New Bing Slide Show to Save on Summer Vacation

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There’s a new Bing slide show that focuses on the Bing Team’s favorite way to save money while planning for and taking vacations this summer. Included in the show are tips on cruises (very economical, with everything included on many lines), avoiding excess baggage fees on airplanes, and cheap ways to travel (use public transport!).

There are a few tips on cheap destinations to visit, too, including, surprisingly, Orlando, Florida. As someone who lives nearby, I’m not sure that I’d call a trip to Disney and the other parks “cheap” by any means (ticket prices alone hit the bank account hard), but the slideshow notes that hotel rates are down nearly 10% from a year ago. So it has gotten “cheaper” to stay there than in years past. If you have the money to travel, now is a good time, it seems.

Since the Harry Potter park is opening June 18th, you can be sure that I’ll be visiting soon, regardless of price.



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