New DeepZoom Poster Web Designers Will Love

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If you love Deepzoomable stuff as much as I do, you'll love this. The latest example of Silverlight’s cool DeepZoom technology can be found in action here on a poster created to “capture the organized chaos that is website design and development.” (Well, at least that’s what it does according to Shane Morris, a Microsoft User Experience Evangelist.) There’s really nothing much to the site,, itself beyond some links to various web design-related conferences. It's the poster that is the main focal point. But still, wow - what a riot! It’s definitely one of those things you can explore forever, finding funny little details along the way. For example, look for the monkey on the rooftop, or, as Shane points out, the hilarious body language between the Graphic Designer, the Information Architect, and the Interaction Designer. If you want a copy of the poster for yourself, follow the user sitenameddesire on Twitter and stay tuned for an update.

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    Robert MacLean

    For us non-Americans is there a chance to get a high res copy of the image so we can print it out ourselves?

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