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Have you ever come across a Knowledge Base (KB) article or been presented with a Windows Error Reporting (WER) solution and asked yourself, “Why can’t Microsoft just fix this for me?” Today, KB articles and WER solutions provide lists of steps that can be followed to resolve your problem, but tomorrow could be different. That’s the promise being delivered by the new Microsoft Fix It Team – a group of engineers whose goal is to automate the steps in Microsoft’s KB articles and WER solutions so that you can click a button and have your issue resolved.

The blog, already in action, is updated with the KB articles that already have automated solutions available. For an example, see this one. You’ll notice when you scroll down to “Method 3” there’s an option to click the “Fix it” button which will automatically resolve the issue. 

I have to admit, this pretty awesome. Seriously.

The Discussion

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    Mario Albertico Magana

    I agree. That's a very interesting concept. Good job to whoever came up with it. Kudos!

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    Brad Foley

    Smokin'.  I hope they follow through on this inititave, it seem like a great plan.

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