New Remember the Milk Sidebar Gadget

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There’s a new sidebar gadget available for fans of the To Do list service “Remember the Milk.” It’s cleverly called the “I Forgot the Milk” gadget. Actually, the gadget itself isn’t brand-new – it’s been out since January – but this latest update is, and frankly, this time it’s a lot more usable.

Once installed, you can choose which lists you want it to display, stretch it out taller if need be, and click the small plus sign (+) to add items to your lists right from the gadget itself. But what’s new in this version is the ability to add/edit/delete notes for tasks. (How did you live without this before?) You can also move the “No due date” items to either the top or bottom of the list and tag items at Quick Add.

Even though the Remember the Milk blog says this gadget is for Windows Vista users only, it appears to work just fine on Windows 7, too, even though prior versions had issues with that. 

You can download the gadget from the Windows Live Gallery here

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