New Tweetmeme Plugins for Windows Live Writer

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Scott Lovegrove, creator of the Tweetmeme plugin for Windows Live Writer, is back with two more Tweetmeme plugins for WLW users, one specifically for

First up: the Tweetmeme “follow” plugin. This plugin adds the Tweetmeme follow button to your post. The button comes in three styles: compact, normal and square and displays your Twitter icon plus a “follow” button and follower count, depending on which version you use. With the new plugin, WLW users can choose the button style, size and placement. It only works on blogs that support Javascript.

One blog platform that doesn’t support Javascript is For these users, there’s a different WLW plugin that takes advantage of the Wordpress tag option that uses a ‘shortcode’ to place the ReTweet button into a blog post. This plugin lets you configure options like button version, placement, Twitter name, URL shortener and whether or not it should appear in the RSS feed.

Also, anyone using the original TweetMeme plugin should go upgrade to the new version which now supports hashtags.

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