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Vista Ultimate users recently got a nice surprise: a handful of new Ultimate Extras have been made available for download. These Extras include new DreamScenes, soundscapes, and a fun puzzle game called Tinker. The four new DreamScenes are simply four different variations on one image of clouds and sky, each with a unique color scheme. These are great for those of us who want to use DreamScenes but wanted a background that wasn’t too busy as some of the others were. The sky image is much simpler and can still be enjoyed even if you decide to cover it with icons.

The real winner from this recent update, though, is the new game called Tinker. (Click here to see a video).  This is a fun little puzzle game that features a character called Tinker, a robot that some say is reminiscent of Wall-E. In the game, a creation of Fuel Industries, your goal is to navigate Tinker through various obstacles in order to complete each level. It may sound easy, but it’s not as easy as you think. However, it is addictive, so be warned - you might end up playing it for much longer than you anticipated!  There are 60 levels in all, and if you complete the whole game, you can actually build more levels by downloading the editor used by the team. You can then share those levels you made with your friends.

Ultimate Extras Team: Thank you! This one rocked.

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    Eriq Cook

    Good to see Microsoft doing something about "Ulitmate" extras after enough complaints.

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