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The Live Search Mobile Team recently released an update for their Live Search Mobile application for Windows Mobile. The new version adds several additional browser and client features to the program, making it better than ever before.

One of the most helpful new features is predictive query input, which helps you by suggesting commonly typed in words and phrases when you’re entering in text in the search box.

This feature displays after only entering in a couple of letters. It also remembers what you have entered in before, so for example, if you’re constantly looking for the nearest sushi restaurant or Starbucks (I know I am!), those terms will be always be handy in the drop-down list.

Another big improvement to the app is the integration of the “Bird’s Eye” view in the mapping part of the application. This additional view gives you a 3D-like perspective of an area – not just looking down on the tops of buildings as you do in traditional aerial views, but seeing them at sort of an angle – as a bird would. This makes it a lot easier to navigate to new areas since you can see more detail.


For all phones, whether GPS-enabled or not, an improved “Locate Me” feature now offers improved accuracy. This feature is great - especially when you’re lost - for finding your exact (or nearby) location on the map.

As always, Live Search Mobile still provides quick access to directions, traffic information, movie listings, gas prices, and web searches. To download the updated client, navigate to from your phone’s browser to get started.

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