New Version of DeepEarth Launched

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You may remember DeepEarth, an open source community effort that demonstrates the DeepZoom functionality of Silverlight. Now, the demo site for DeepEarth has been updated to include an enhanced user interface and the addition of a few new services. Along with the original Virtual Earth data, you can also choose to see data from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap, too. This lets you compare data with ease as you switch between the various services.

With the new user interface, you can select form various map types using the control located in the top-left of the site. Here, you’ll find aerial, hybrid, road, Cycle, Mobile, and many other different types of maps to choose from. There’s also a search box that lets you enter in a location and zoom straight to it on the map. For some reason, though, the map displays the word “staging” multiple times across the screen – maybe they weren’t quite ready to go just yet? 

(thanks, Adam Kinney)

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