New Windows 7 Theme Pack Brings A Different Kind of Cloud to Your Desktop

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2010 will probably be remembered as the year of the Cloud – cloud computing that is. It seems like talk of the Cloud is everywhere right now, and to join in the fun, Windows Live and Bing teamed up last month to host a competition for users to submit photos that illustrate how Windows Live connects the cloud to your PC.

Ten winners were selected this week, whose stunning photos of clouds from all over the world now feature in a Windows 7 Theme Pack that has just been released. Cooler still, the overall winning entry, an awe-inspiring shot of a snow-capped Mount Ranier, was featured on the Bing homepage this week.

Congratulations to Somana Konganda and the other nine talented winners. You can find the new desktop theme, Windows Live Clouds, over at the Windows Personalization Gallery


The Discussion

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    Beautiful imagery (most of it). I still yearn for continuously, discretely/slowly evolving backgrounds because the annoying thing about backgrounds is that however beautiful they are, they will eventually bore. They shouldn't be completely static: when looking through a window, you can see leaves blowing in the wind, nothing is static. On the other hand the background should not be wildly chaotic and distract you from whatever task it is you are performing.

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