New Windows Live Writer Plugin: Twitter Blackbird Pie

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Twitter Blackbird Pie, the recently announced official Twitter feature that lets you embed tweets into a web page or blog post, is now available to Windows Live Writer users by way of a new plugin.

With Twitter’s Blackbird Pie website, you can paste in a tweet’s URL to general embed code to place on your site. The new plugin, however, makes this process easier for bloggers using WLW. You just click “Twitter Quote” from the Insert menu and then paste in your URL. It’s pretty much the same process as when using the website itself, but this way, there’s no back and forth between pages as you copy and paste URLs, embed codes and the like. You can do it all from within WLW.

Thanks to Scott Lovegrove for making this plugin – and thanks to Steve Clayton for suggesting he do so!

You can download the plugin from here.

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