New Xbox Experience Arrives November 19th

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You’ve probably heard about the new Xbox Experience, the major user interface makeover that’s coming to the Xbox 360. But now we have a firm date as to when: November 19th. if you haven’t been paying close attention to the news, here’s what you can expect when the new UI goes live:

1) Gamercard Changes: When you click on your Gamercard in the New Xbox Experience, you’ll be able to read messages, edit your profile, update your avatar, manage your account, switch profiles, and change the theme. You’ll also be able to see every game you’ve ever played on your Xbox 360.

Oh, does any of that sound familiar? Well, check out what it looks like!


On the first card, you’ll have your overall Gamerscore and to the right you’ll have every game you’ve ever played on another card. Each game has its own card that fans out to the side to show you what achievements you’ve unlocked per game.

2) Avatars! Forget little icons, the New Xbox Experience offers real, full-bodied, customizble avatars.

3) New Games Store: In the new Games Store, you’ll be able to check out screenshots of the game, watch trailers and read the back-of-the-box description like you are shopping at a retail store. The Games Store will also show you every available download for the game you searched for including reviews, trailers, gamerpics, themes, game add ons, game images.





4) Themes: These are no ordinary backgrounds, the new themes are even more detailed and dynamic. They’ll be present in every channel where they’ll present in cool and unique ways. Check out Major Nelson’s flickr stream for more pics.



5) Friends: You can join a LIVE party with up to 8 people (you + 7 friends) and roam from game to game, voice chat, and share photos.


6) Video Markeplace: Get access to high-def movies, TV, and other video content from Warner Bros, Constantin, USA Network, MGM, SciFi Channel, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, and more. Over 10,000 films and shows! And, of course, Netflix.  With the launch of the New Xbox Experience, Netflix subscribers will also be able to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from their 360.

8) Community Games: Games created by students and hobbyists form around the world will be available in the Community Games Channel. 

9) My Xbox: Get easy access to your games, videos, music, and pictures from the “My Xbox” menu. You’ll also be able to access system settings and view your Media Center content from here, too.

6) And more…

  • The new guide loads faster and smoother.
  • Your old stuff (gamerpics, themes) still work.
  • “Inside Xbox” available from the Marketplace will offer tips from Major Nelson, reviews, and other tips which are refreshed weekly.

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