Nubli: A New Plugin for a Smarter Inbox

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Nubli is a new plugin for Microsoft Outlook which just launched at the recent DEMOfall 09 conference held in San Diego last week. According to the company, the plugin uses machine learning to rank inbox conversations by priority. To do so, the software looks at your past email behavior to determine which subjects and email contacts are most important to you. You can also customize this information further, training Nubli about your priorities just like the way you would train a personal assistant. 

Via the Nubli toolbar, you’re provided with a handful of “quick action” buttons which let you take some sort of action with the email in question. You can adjust the email or contact priority, archive the email if nothing needs to be done with it, flag it for follow up, or set a reminder to deal with the email later. Of course, you can still reply or forward the email instead.

From the integrated Nubli dashboard, you can track all of the email processing you’ve done so far to see which items need follow up as well as a list of unread emails sorted by priority.

In addition, Nubli also uses an intelligent tagging system which automatically assigns tags or labels to new email conversations. Initially, you have to train the system by tagging items yourself but after some time, Nubli figures out what tags should be used and assigns them for you. This saves a lot of time for users who can then use the tags to search for both emails and attachments.

If you want to give Nubli a try, you can download the plugin for either Outlook 2003 or 2007 from the Nubli homepage.

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