OCZ’s Ibis SSD Offers Blistering Speeds, With a Capital B

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So you think you’ve got a pretty fancy rig, then? Ah, you’ve fitted one of those solid state drives - I hear they move data fast, but not quite as fast as OCZ’s new IBIS SSD, which transfers data at speeds up to 2GBps. 

That’s no typo – you can keep your gigabit per second (Gbps) drives. We’re talking gigabyte per second (GBps) here. According to Overclockers Club, the OCZ Ibis can shift 1GB of data down and 1GB up every second – that’s serious bandwidth for a hard drive.

Achieving those kind of speeds isn’t easy – to do so, OCZ have had to build in four disk controllers in a RAID configuration, and use a new, top notch SAS cable to boot.

They call it High Speed Data Link, and with desktop read/write speeds approaching 373 and 323 MB/s respectively, and enterprise users picking up a blistering 840 MB/s read and 675 MB/s write, the hours wasted  staring at file transfer progress bars are almost behind us. 





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