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Microsoft just released an update to Office Communicator Mobile, the mobile client that works with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Running on Windows Mobile smartphones (6.0 and up) and Pocket PC devices, this updated version adds some new features and improves on some of the existing ones.

For starters, the new client is designed to make it easier to join conference calls. Instead of having to use dial-ins and entry codes, you can now join a conference call with a single click of a button notes the Communicator Team blog post about the update.

Aug2009 - Calendar Join Conf Menu - Image 1


Also new is a feature that allows users to configure whether or not Communicator should log in to a roaming network when the phone is no longer in the provider’s service area. This will be useful for those who still have to deal with roaming charges.

With an enhancement to the feature called “Call via Work,” Communicator users can place an outbound call using their work identity. In other words, you can now dial extension numbers to call your office colleagues. Using this feature was also improved as you no longer have to make a call then answer an incoming call to complete the connection – Communicator now completes the connection for you.

Finally, in preparation for the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 later this fall, there’s a new plug-in that shows you status and the number of active conversations right on the home screen.

Aug2009 - CoMo w WM65 show presence - Image 5

The update is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center here.

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