Office Live Workspace Is Here!

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Have you heard the news? The previously closed beta of Office Live Workspace is now open to the public! With Office Live Workspace, you can now save and share your Microsoft Office files (and more) online via this site, a free web-based extension of Microsoft Office. After you sign up for Office Live and sign into the service, you'll be in the "Documents" area where you can upload and view files and share them with others. However, what really makes the service stand out is its namesake feature: the "workspaces." The "My Workspaces" section is to the left of the main window. You can create a new workspace by clicking on the plus button next to "New Workspace." Here, you can start with a blank workspace or choose one of the workspace templates provided. These templates include things like "Class Workspace," "Event Workspace," "Household Workspace," "Job Search Workspace," and more. Loading one of these templates populates the Workspace with some sample documents. For example, the "Job Search Workspace" comes pre-loaded with documents like a resume, a cover letter, an interview schedule, interview preparation notes, etc. When you're working with files, you can click on "edit" to open up the files in Microsoft Office. To add files from your computer, it's as easy as clicking "Add Document." You can even add multiple files at the same time, which is great for getting all your documents online at once. Individual documents or entire workspaces can be shared with others and everyone can add comments and be alerted via email to changes in the workspace. Using the provided Office plug-in allows for one-click access from the Microsoft Office desktop software to save or open files to and from the workspace. Office Live Workspace also integrates with SharedView for real-time screen sharing between collaborators.

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