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For users of both Microsoft OneNote and Firefox, the "Clip to OneNote" Firefox extension offered an easy way to send complete web pages and snippets from the browser to the OneNote software. The extension was originally designed for Firefox 1.5 and OneNote 2003, but it can still work with Firefox 2 and 3. Thanks to Patrick Schmid, an updated version is available, which makes the extension available up to version 3 of Firefox.

An important trick to using this extension that many people overlook is setting up the file path in the extension's Options. To do so, the steps are:

  1. Install the Add-on and then go to Tools/Add-Ons/
  2. Find your “Clip to OneNote” extension.
  3. Click “Options.” It will say: “OneNote Path.” Click on the “…” button and show the extension exactly where your OneNote program (onenote.exe) is located on your hard drive.

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