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There’s a new release of Oxite, Microsoft’s new open source, web standards compliant blog engine, now available. It’s the first since early January and it’s a big one too as it incorporates a lot of changes based on both internal and external feedback about what people said about what they wanted to see added.

According to the release notes, this new version of Oxite offers the following:

  • New Model, Services and Repositories
  • Dependency Injection (Routes, Controllers, Services, Repositories, etc)
  • ActionFilter Registry
  • Better test coverage
  • New validation class added
  • Improved background services architecture
  • Projects cleaned up and consolidated
  • Views cleaned up
  • No more *.cs or *.cs.designer for views in web project
  • Now works in a sub directory
  • New admin dashboard
  • New and update (from last version) SQL scripts included
  • Many other small features, improvements and bug fixes

In addition, as our own Duncan Mackenzie notes on his blog, Unity was implemented to provide Dependency Injection, xUnit was used as the test runner to remove a dependency on the higher level SKUs of Visual Studio, and a great deal of work was put into restructuring the data layer to completely abstract the Linq 2 SQL code from our actual objects.

We mainly have Erik, Sampy and Nathan to thank for the work involved in making these changes happen, these are the hard-working folks behind the code at Channel 9 and Channel 10 (and Channel 8, VisitMix, and Edge).

For more information on Oxite, check out the discussions, issues and wiki pages on Codeplex.


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